We provide an industry defining, out-of-the-box performance management software solution to engage manufacturing and operations based teams like never before.

Lock-in Improvements

Our solution not only prevents lean process improvements from reverting to their original state, but helps your team sustain a culture of continuous improvement

Increase Ownership

Connect individuals directly with their work, ultimately helping to distribute problem solving, expedite individual action and build personal accountability

Track ALL your activities

Add the ability to track and improve the performance of ALL the activities in your organization, not just the ones related to machinery

Improve Engagement

When teams are engaged in their work, everybody wins. Our solution elevates engagement across your entire organization – particularly Millennials – and drives productivity to unprecedented heights

Organizational Alignment

Easily align expectations on performance between leadership and team members, and immediately communicate updates to standards as they are improved. Help your team to expect the same level of results you do

Deliver Immediate Feedback

Provide teams and individuals with immediate feedback on performance, and help them to recognize when they’re winning


Make results transparent and take the subjectivity out of individual and group recognition


Our platform runs on all off-the-shelf hardware, to ensure maximum compatibility and get your team up and running as fast as possible

Mobile Applications

Our application is available on all iOS and Android platforms, to provide your team with the quick way to get up to speed in the most convenient manner for them.

Reports and Leadership Tools

Use our administrative features to rapidly identify top opportunities with your team, and get a full picture of how they’re performing.

Real-time Dashboards

Real time dashboards instantaneously let you see where your team is working, allowing you to make better game-time calls and ensure peak performance.



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